Slow Feet Don’t Eat

What is Cross Country?


Asante Gordon, Staff

Cross County isn’t about the race. Its mostly about what you do to get ready for the race. Cross country is a team sport that requires lots of individual efforts.

“I’ve been training during the summer, a lot of weight lifting and getting a lot of mileage in,” junior Mohamed Temsah said.

Cross country is just as much as an individual sport as it is a team sport.

“I really like that its mostly your own kind of sport, you’re running against yourself, you don’t have to be competitive if you don’t want to, and it’s also a team sport. If you decide to be competitive you can run with your team and push each other to run faster and do better,” senior Trevor Jackson said.

Cross country is a both physically and mentally challenging sport. It is often mistaken as an easy sport because you only run. Running 5+ miles every day in humid conditions isn’t as easy as it seems.

“You have to have a lot of patience because particularly running distances its not easy at first and it takes a while for your body to acclimate and get good at it, so in that regard you have to do that and have a very strong will because when you get tired you have to tell yourself ‘hey, I’m not gonna stop’,” head coach Mr. Rohach said.