13 Past Midnight


Sage Johnson, Staff

It’s the end of October.  The temperature is lowering even more. Football season is coming to an end and you’re sitting at home trying to stay warm with nothing to do. Lucky for you, the solution to this problem is “13 Past Midnight”. 

On October 24th-26th at 7pm, Hoover Drama is presenting the fall school play, “13 Past Midnight”.  

“13 Past Midnight”, by Billy St. John, is full of comedic characters along with a thrilling mystery. Victor Winslow, played by sophomore Torrin LeBresh, is a millionaire producer of a popular soap opera. He invites the cast and crew of the soap opera to a party to play a murder mystery game that he has invented. The seemingly innocent game takes a dark turn when Victor is stabbed in the neck with a dart. It is up to the cast and crew to solve the real murder mystery before the killer strikes again.  

“13 Past Midnight is like if a soap opera and a murder mystery had a baby,” Senior Zoey Tensen said. 

Tensen is the stage manager of the production and is also the vice president of Hoover Drama’s thespian board. Tensen says her favorite part about the play is the reactions of the cast when they are performing. 

“The cast are always so interesting and fun to watch because they really make it their own,” Tensen said.  

Sophomore Enrique Avila plays Skyler in the production as well as being a member of the thespian board. Avila says the best part about the show is getting to be himself.  

“My character, Skyler, is a near mirror image of how I am in real life. It is a really fun show to be involved in and it will have the audience on the edge of their seat the whole time,” Avila said.  

After seeing the incredible play performed by your peers, you might find yourself interested in being on stage or a part of the crew. 

“You can get involved with Hoover Drama by auditioning for the spring musical or signing up for a crew position. We love having new people and are very welcoming!” Tensen said.  

Junior Sabira Mokthar plays Allison in the show and believes that there are so many opportunities being a part of the drama department.  

“My favorite part of being in Hoover Drama is being able to put on a show with the great friends I have made and being able to have opportunities such as IHSSA which starts in November,” Mokthar said.  

Tickets will be sold at the door October 24th-26th at 7pm in Hoover’s auditorium. Bring your friends and family for a night of entertainment brought to you by Hoover students. 

“Everyone should see the show because it’s hilarious and the cast does an amazing job at making the show fun for the audience,” Tensen said.