Struggling Spirit


Ripley Miller, Staff

Every year, we celebrate through joining together and wearing silly costumes to celebrate our school spirit. But when creativity lacks, many fall along with it.

Spirit week is an activity lots of high schools participate in, and many look forward to. But 2019’s turnout of fun costumes flowing through the halls could be much greater. Improvement is definitely needed in the number of participants.

“The number of people participating should be more, and that’s in general we should get crazy. I think they are all fun, the trick is how to get all the people excited, comfortable and having fun,” says associate principal Willy Lee Montgomery Jr..

But to every problem there is a solution. So how do we get more people to dress up in homecoming spirit?

“We need to spread the word more and let everyone know they can win a prize. But maybe next year have the winners be more appreciated. Everyone loves recognition and being known for best dressed could be made a bigger deal. Possibly pictures on walls or win more fun prizes. Even added activities to participants will make them want to be a part of spirit week more,” says junior Jamiean Camps.

The primary reason of lack in participants is the attitude of our students. We all have unique personalities, but the majority of us are simply either too stubborn or self-consciences to dress up.

“People don’t dress up because they are lazy and don’t care or mostly because they feel uncomfortable that they will be judged because they’ll stick out,” says junior Ethan Rogers.

People rarely like to be taken as a joke, which is what some people make out spirit week to be.

“The issue is that we all take ourselves too seriously, we should present this as a bonding experience and that we are coming to together as a group and as a building. The students don’t know the cheers or games, there’s something there we could do,” says Montgomery.

Something that can bring us together is finding themes that we would all like to see next year. Adding our own personalities into the week would make so many more people enjoy the event.

“Even though I won’t be here next year, I think it would have been really cool to see a country vs. country club theme. Maybe with dividing upperclassmen and underclassmen,” says senior Zoey Tensen.

People want to see something they put opinion into, so they can feel they were a part of something big.

“I think a school vote would make people want to dress up more. Personally, I would like a dinosaur theme, because I love dinosaurs. Then someone who also likes dinos can vote for that choice, and we can join together, which its all about, isn’t it?” says Camps.