World Series Predictions


By Cynthia Renes, Sports Editor in Chief

As baseball season comes to a close, the race to the World Series Championship begins. Many baseball fans enjoy attempting to predict the winner of the World Series each year,  just as much as a basketball fan enjoys filling out the March Madness Bracket.

Much like any other baseball fan, I enjoy trying to guess who will win and this year, I believe that the New York Yankees will go up against the St. Louis Cardinals. I think the Yankees will make it to the championship game because they are leading their league in wins and they have an extensive history with winning the world series. They have 27 championships under their belts, their most recent one being in 2009. The Yankees are currently leading the American League with 90 wins and 49 losses.

Growing up I was surrounded by the Yankees. My Meemaaw was a hardcore Yankees fan, as was my great grandma. So being a Yankees fan just comes naturally to me and being a fan and supporter of any other team just doesn’t seem right.

The reasonings for hoping the Cardinals make it is because I find that it’d be an interesting matchup since it’s happened five times in the past. The Cardinals won the last matchup in 1964 between the two teams and I’d like for the Yankees beat them this year.

Sophomore Kaiden Feldman is a St. Louis Cardinals fan and hopes that they win the World series this year.

“I hope the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees go head to head in this year’s championship game. They are the two best teams in the league.” Feldman says.

He even goes as far as to predict the scores for each match.

“First match- 10-3, second match- 2-5, third match- 6-5, fourth- 5-4, fifth-4-5, sixth- 2-6 and seventh- 7-5,” Feldman predicts.

While Feldman and I may not see eye to eye on who’s going to win overall, we both want the same teams to go to the championship game. So, it looks like I’ll be cheering for the Cardinals on top of the Yankees—at least until the championship game.

The World Series is something that many people can get into. So, as we approach the time for the Championship game, what are your predictions?