What does it take to be a student athlete?

The juggling act of being both a student and an athlete.


Amber Hagler, Photo Editor in Chief

Student athletes are faced with a lot. Practice and games five days a week, jobs, extracurriculars, and schoolwork. But, what does it take to be one and to be successful at it? Student athletes are always students first. That requires significant time management, commitment, and dedication on their behalf. This does not mean it’s impossible though.

“Joining school sports actually helps students to learn these skills,” athletic director Jacob Burke said. Learning and growing not just as a person but a student comes often times when it’s forced. If an athlete has practice every day, like most do, free time is limited. This tends to encourage students to actually do their work, or they wouldn’t have another time.

“Sometimes needing to time manage actually gets students to be more productive” Burke said.

Where otherwise schoolwork is procrastinated since students have a more open schedule. It might seem like a lot to an outsider, but it is definitely manageable if done right.

“My advice would be to prioritize your time and make sure to always complete important tasks but also give yourself down time to relax,” football and baseball player, junior Jerad Fischer said.

It’s important for students to not overload themselves and take care of their own needs as well. For students who are struggling balancing there are easy ways to help.

“Use their resources. Communicate with their coaches, counselors and teachers to find a plan that works for them. Communication early on is important to tackle problems before they become overwhelming,” Burke said.

Student athletes can find help through the sources of a normal students but also through their coaches and team members.

School sports provide life skills that can help athletes grow and get better as both students, and people. Being a student athlete although it may seem like a lot is significantly rewarding and most athletes wouldn’t change a thing about it.