Underrated Superstars

Getting to know the lunch crew.


Alexander Ramirez, Staff

Underrated, underappreciated… lunch ladies. Yes, lunch ladies are single-handedly the most unappreciated staff members in the school system.

Here at Hoover, we have the nicest lunch ladies around, with a deadline to get the food prepared and served every day, lunch ladies Martina Castellanos and Dixie Rollheiser always keep a smile on their face.

“Yes, there’s pressure on us each and every day, with deadlines to get the food prepared and served, and also getting the kitchen cleaned, but we handle it very well,” Rollheiser said.

Castellanos has been working with DMPS for almost 18 years and was in the food industry before coming to Hoover, as for Rollheiser, she’s been around here for 18 years. One thing they both have in common is they’re both moms, both came here because their kids were here.

In total there are 8 members, Dixie Rollheiser, Martina Castellanos, Tina Trejo, Barb Parker, Dianna Garcia, Erica Diosdado, Susan Pangburn, and Tim Hunter. Together they put together food for around 400 students at breakfast and 575 students at lunch.

Now that you know a little about the lunch crew, the things they do and the amount of food they cook every day, can they get a quick thank you?