New seniors, same traditions.


Senior Zoey Tensen favorite senior photo.

Elyse Hiskey, Content Editor in Chief

With this school year underway, the class of 2020 has shown no hesitation to jumping on board of the Instagram trend #SENIORSZN. Whether it’s for the nostalgia of it being their senior year or just to show off their senior pictures. 

“I felt like I should since it was my last first day of high school and I’m sentimental,” senior Zoey Tensen said.  

The sentimental value to the senior themselves is what makes a senior post so special to them. The posts are also a way to show off senior pictures and how far they have come. 

“I made it to show off my senior photo and because I have waited all of high school to be able to post something like that,” senior Daija Bates said. 

The anticipation to get to your senior year is one you want to share with everyone, and you don’t care whether your followers are paying attention to the post or not the point is, it’s out there for the whole world to see. 

I just scroll by unless it is a close friend because I want to see how grown up they are with their senior pictures,” junior Austin Tillery said.