Tik Tok on the Clock

Social media consumes our daily life, but TikTok is taking its place at the top.


Ripley Miller, Staff

Living in a world where change is in constant rotation, adaption may sometimes be harder to adjust to compared to others. Social media is one of the biggest changes in our generation. With constant updates of what others are up to, what they’re eating and who they’re with, social platforms consume our lives. Everyday new apps are created and gain millions of users. One of the platforms seen most now, is Tik Tok. But what is it?

Tik Tok is the new and improved Music.ly. Some might remember it as the app where people make short videos where they follow their camera with their hand. And now, it’s a home where crude jokes live along with gory films that will make you squirm.

Sophomore Alyssa Hull is one of the many members of the app. From posting fun dancing videos to just scrolling through her feed, Hull is on the app almost 24/7.

“I’m on TikTok constantly. It’s a place with a bunch of genres like sketches, dances, stories, edgy videos, and where hot people just look at the camera. It’s fun. And if you don’t like it, you have no sense of humor because there is something on there for everyone,” Hull said.

Hull is one very familiar with the app. But what is the perspective for those who don’t even have the app downloaded?

“I don’t have TikTok downloaded. I hear it is where a bunch of girls go to, to get famous. It’s just full of stupid jokes with dumb endings. But I see it everywhere, I can’t go a day without hearing about it at least five times. Like on social media or from friends showing me videos. It’s just a substitute for Vine,” junior Ashton Hovick said.

Opinions on the app vary, but like it or not this new platform is suffocating our daily life.