Black Student Union: A Safe Spot for Students

By Taleaya Zelee, Staff

Founded in 1966 at San Francisco State University, Black Student Union evolved in so many ways. BSU started off in colleges and has now expanded to high schools. More specifically, Hoover high school. Hoover is a diverse school and is full of numerous cultures/ethnic groups. Though some students are in groups for school, sports and other activities, they wanted a group to empower who they were as people. Black Student Union is not only a group but is also a family for strong, black, young individuals.


Where did the idea that Hoover should have a BSU?

Sophomore Hifaa Adam came up with the idea

for us to have one. “BSU was a club created to help empower black students at Hoover. I brought up BSU because I realized Hoover wasn’t very inclusive and doesn’t have much of a safe place for black students. Students are able to gain many learning and social skills as we academic assistance,”  Adam said.


What made you interested in joining BSU?

“It was a way I could try and help the community as well as better myself as a person and a leader” senior Barifodum Adoobe said.


What are some things you like about the group?

“I like how we can inclusively talk about the pros and cons about being black in today’s society without being judged,” junior Alexia Jarret said.


What are some ways you think the group can progress?

“Even though BSU is united group of Black adolescents, us as humas have many ways we can improve especially when were in groups. BSU can progress by getting help by leaders in Hoover We can also progress by working on going in neighboring communities and spreading the kindness of the group,” sophomore Apple Khalil said.


Why should Students join BSU?

Black Student Union empowers black by students allowing them to learn about the black experience, educating about black issues, black excellence, and black people. BSU is a safe space for black students at Hoover, allowing them to network with others, develop social and learning skills throughout their individual journeys. BSU also assists students with academic performance, providing tutoring and mentoring sessions for students to improve academic performance and explore new interests.

For further information you can email students Hifaa Adam, Apple Khalil and Taleaya (Blessing) Zelee and Sponsors Rachelle Long and Byron Jarrett

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